OKLIN composters

An effective way to remove biodegradable waste in just 24 hours!

Composting machine for tank machine, which thanks to innovative organic technology, mixing process and materials generated within 24 hours - biodegradable waste in pre-composting process, reducing their weight by 90%. The use of a wide range of composting machines contributes to significant changes in the cost and weight of waste generated in the company.

OKLIN composting machines compared to traditional solutions:

  • easy to use - practically self-service
  • provide significantly shorter composting time
  • they are quiet to use without creating disturbing noise

Odorless and waste-free composting solutions

Modern OKLIN composting machines are an innovative solution in the field of food, biodegradable and CAT 3 waste management. The series of devices designed by specialists / microbiologists and engineers for whom waste is a valuable raw material.

The portfolio of OKLIN products is a wide range of equipment for composting food residues and also for biodegradable and KAT3 waste.

The best solution for companies with bio-waste in any quantity from 1-500kg.

We offer three types of Oklin devices:

  • SMART line - For small businesses: places where during the day (…)the device has small dimension
  • BUSINESS line - for the HoReCa industry, retail chains and industry - meaning any places where large amounts of food waste are generated during the day, i.e. from 80-125kg
  • PROFESSIONAL line - Ideal for commercial applications - commercial networks, production plants, employee canteens, i.e. places where a large amount of food waste is generated daily, i.e. 250-1350 kg

A large range of biodegradable waste that can be composted (fruit, vegetables, meat products, bones, soft bones, crusts, liquid food, bread, pasta, grains, dairy products, sweets, coffee grounds, paper towels, carrier bags and compostable packaging, other) produces pre-compost in a short time, which can be use further in the environment.

Why OKLIN GG-02 / 10s?

  • A great alternative to bins or sink mills
  • Does not require pre-selection of food residues
  • Waste is not wasted in plastic garbage bags
  • Reduces unpleasant smells related to the breakdown of food residues

WHAT happens with food residues (bio waste) after being thrown into the machine?

Three things affect at the debris thrown into the machine: temperature, movement, i.e. mixing, and AcidUlO @ microorganisms. Thanks to these factors, food residues will be processed into pre-compost. The temperature serves the initial preparation of the leftovers and creating favorable conditions for the work of microorganisms processing bio-waste into pre-compost.

How much food leftovers can be processed by the OKLIN machine?

Depending on the machine model, 1-125 kg / day. This is enough to accommodate bio-waste generated by a small gastronomic establishment or an average family, as well as a larger industry.

What waste can I process in a composting machine?

Into the composting machine you can put all kinds of food leftovers that can be digested, including meat, as well as unfit for consumption products, e.g. rotten food, small soft bones (such as chicken) fruits, vegetables, meat products, bones, crusts, liquid food (e.g. soup, stew), bread, pasta, grains, dairy products, sweets, coffee grounds, paper towels, and even compostable packaging, carrier bags, compostable bags or organic litter made of cages and cat litter boxes.

How is it possible that the machine processes meat?

The machine itself, couldn't do that. The possibility of processing such waste is due to the special microorganisms Acidulo @. Due to their presence, the machine processes into pre-compost waste which traditional composters or vermicomposters cannot process. As in nature - specific conditions build a specific ecosystem. OKLIN creates conditions in which it is possible to recycle bio-waste typical of a typical household as well as catering outlets and commercial networks.

What conditions of use does the composting machine require?

The location of the composting machine should be convenient and allow the installation of a drainage hose. As with other household appliances, remember about access to electricity. Importantly, the machine is hermetic, which reduces unwanted odors.

Are Acidulo @ microorganisms safe? Do I have to take care of them somehow?

Acidulo @ microorganisms are completely safe, tested and approved for use. They are delivered in special cartridges with sawdust, which are placed in the machine. Only the first time the machine is started, it has a two-week adaptation period. During this period, food residues should be introduced gradually, starting from approx. 20% of the machine's power and increase to maximum power for two weeks

What is the difference between pre-compost and compost?

Because Acidulo @ works quickly and more efficiently, the result of their "work" is concentrated. That is why we call it pre-compost. It's best to mix it with soil in a ratio of 1:10 - then it works great as a soil fertilizer for potted plants, on the lawn or in the garden. You can also keep the pre-compost for later - just put it in the bag and close tightly.

Why is it worth to composting?

Composting is the best way to turn food waste into pre-compost, a valuable fertilizer for soil.



Composting tank

Biodegradable waste is placed in a special tank, which is additionally equipped with rotary blades mixing the content, ensuring adequate circulation and even distribution

Acidulo @ Technology and Microbes

Thanks to the use of unique technology in combination with Acidulo @ microbes, biodegradable waste is composted in just 24 hours, while its mass is reduced by 80% -90%. Obtained pre-compost is possible for further use.


For the sake of safety, the temperature in the tank is raised to 75 degrees for one hour. This process eliminates harmful bacteria ensuring safety and the inability to spread bacteria outside.


OKLIN GG-30s / 50s composting machines provide a natural and fully automated, practically maintenance-free composting process in 24 hours

" The God wanted a man to benefit
from nature as a rational and noble gentleman and watchman,
and not as an absolute explorer "

Pope John Paul II

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