Starch films

The properties of corn and potato starch have been studied for a long time. The Italian manufacturer NOVAMONT and the German BASF were the first companies to approach the subject of starch films. This is how several generations of granules (4 generations) of Mater-bi raw material were created (the first one to obtain TUV AUSTRIA OK COMPOST composting certificates).
Later, more and more companies noticed the very good properties of starch films. They are the same as for standard plastics
(PE, PP, PS) so new composites started to appear soon.

In a nutshell, starch films are suitable mixtures of PLA, PBAT (plasticizer) and starch (even up to 85%) and vegetable oil esters.
Importantly, the films we work on can be organically recycled even on our own composter.
Today, their use is very wide.:

  • - T-shirt bags, DKT, in role
  • - waste bags, compost together with bio waste on the composter
  • - dog poop pouches
  • - food and freezing packaging
  • - one time gloves
  • - disposable aprons
  • - packaging for hygiene products
  • - packaging for household appliances, industrial
  • - poly mailers, courier envelopes
  • - and many other uses

Below we present the way of Starch Film decomposition:

" The God wanted a man to benefit
from nature as a rational and noble gentleman and watchman,
and not as an absolute explorer "

Pope John Paul II

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