As Sir David Attenborough pointedly stated ... was born in Holocene – age, when the climate stabilized and allowed people to settle and develop - this era is over… changed "the garden of Eden is no longer exists ..." We have now entered (in his words) into the anthropocene - human era, we have changed our world so much ...

The traveler's accurate reflections, forcing us to think and reach for repair tools, force us to create a  plan to repair the disastrous consequences of the anthropocene era.
It is reported that at the moment more than 8 billion tons of plastic has been produced ....
This is a moment, when it is worth to describe what a microplastic is ...

Microplastic are the plastic parts with a diameter of less than 5 mm. They are created unintentionally due to the breakdown of larger pieces of plastic under the influence of natural forces, aging or mechanical wear. Unfortunately, the aging process of the plastic products and their degradation, causes the formation of fibers which get into the tissues .... It is known that the consumption of microplastics and fibers by living organisms can lead to gastrointestinal lesions, inflammation of tissues, liver problems, formation of tumors and endocrine disorders.

However there is a good news: long-known plant polymers named Polylactide, which we would like to focus on as a company, on products made from it and its blends, and bring closer the possibilities of implementing substitutes now when it is still possible

PLA - polylactide, polylactic acid, is a biodegradable thermoplastic polyester, produced from renewable raw materials. The transparent PLA can be compared to thermoplastic conventional materials. Most often it is in the granulates form. PLA granules and its blends are used for the production of, for example, films, mugs, bottles, fibers, nonwovens.

In this spirit and with the mission of raising awareness, we would like to invite people who are aware and willing to help. People who care about tomorrow and what we will leave as a generation after ourselves.

Our long-term goal as the GreenTree Group company is also the creation of the Foundation and the invitation to the Institutes and Universities. We will also ask for the support of the Chambers of Commerce - WIG was the first who saw the potential in our project and already offered advice and support, for which we are grateful very much. In our Foundation, we want, together with our Partners, to outline the information and training direction for adults and children and explain the necessity of change.
The goal and dream of our company is also to invite to Poland huge companies with PLA Polymer production technology and product technology from it. Together, open a factory and ultimately produce products based on polymer from corn growing in our country.

In summary, we are absolutely aware of the company's short and long-term goals.

We know how to work in the HoReCa, FMCG and B2B departments, we do it individually as people who create the GreenTree Gruop for 20 years. Working on various "fronts". We are not afraid of work, and seeing a huge crowd of people who want to change something and sharing our ideas, we "wind up" even more.

The EU directives respected by our country are also a great incentive allow us to implement ideas and develop a passion for replacing all forms of harmful plastic from our lives.

For today we already have a portfolio:

Disposable bags from 12um to 21um from Polylactide

Compostable completely in about 12 months in soil. We will be strongly convincing the largest retail chains, which in hundreds of millions today sell bags over 50um. To give the chance to create an alternative that can help turn on the "safety brake" in the Anthropocene age, and stop the harmful effects of human activity.

In addition, we have disposable cutlery from PLA – full compostable. PLA straws - Compostable (we cooperate with the First Polish Straw Producer!) Garbage bags - Compostable, One-time sugar cane dishes and LunchBoxes for take-out meals of various capacities and many other products ...

In general, the key to us and the main word is not just Biodegradability ... but COMPOSTABILITY - which means that after the breakup we can get a compost, a fertilizer that we can even feed our home garden with vegetables.
And this is just the beginning of our road, my Dear, we have an enormous enthusiasm and even bigger support of positive people
As a company, we want to be considered as a “small enterprise” - with employment of up to 50 people and an adequate turnover of about EUR 10 million.

It is possible to achieve it quite quickly because according to Deloitte data in Poland, the demand for plastic is about 3.5 million tons in various industries. In 8 thousands of companies related with this industry There are 160,000 employees in Poland. The turnover is around 17 billion euros. There are over 997 thousand tons of plastic packages, including 678 thousand tons for households.

Year 2018 brought significant changes in the area of waste management regulations and the effective use of natural resources. In January 2018, the EU strategy on plastics was published, in May was presented the draft directive on single use plastic products, and on July 4 a package of directives on the circular economy was implemented. These documents set ambitious goals aimed at improving the use of plastics, including by improving the operation of the ROP system which means extended producer responsibility, improving products already at the design stage, and what is the most important for us - using biodegradable compostable materials, creating markets for the re-use of plastics and recycled raw materials and also above all, reducing them significantly, some products even the eliminate from the market of disposable items made of plastics as from October 2018. it has become a fact.

In our portfolio will be:
  • Disposable bags from PLA - we introduce the “Kompostówka” brand and own brands with the logotype of the network. These are disposable shopping bags in stores with a range from 7 mcn to 22 mcn, not subject to the statutory recycling charge. Completely safe for the environment. With the Vincotte and Tuv approvals according to the EN 13432 standard confirming the compostability of the product.
  • Disposable cutlery - in various weights made of CPLA -  Polylactide with the addition of cellulose fibers which provide to raising the melting temperature of the raw material to 180 degrees Celsius! This is very important because the cutlery remains stable and there is no migration between the raw material and the meal.
  •  PLA straws - compostable in about 12 months in soil.
  •  Plates and bowls made of sugar cane, hot and cold cups with refill or made of PLA.
  •  PLA garbage bags with EN 13432 standard. Compostable.
We want to sell our products in large Bulk Packages - HoReCa which means Restaurant and Catering Hotels, and small versions of the picnic for the FMCG industry. We also want to engage in the B2B department and create our own brands both for the network and native producers of plastic products.

In this spirit and direction, we will try to find compostable raw materials and present them to you.

" The God wanted a man to benefit
from nature as a rational and noble gentleman and watchman,
and not as an absolute explorer "

Pope John Paul II

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