Celulose foils

In fact, the cellulose films and the first experiments were in 1845, Christian Schonbein received nitrocellulose. Its solution (collodion) was used to dress wounds.
Then, in the following years, many different works were carried out, but the actual inventor is Jacques Edwin Brandenberger, who in 1908 patented the machine for the manufacture of sheets of regenerated cellulose.

  • The properties of these films are unquestionably high gloss and transparency.
  • Outstanding barrier properties.
  • Natural antistatic properties.
  • Facilitated printing and processing on machines and many other positive features ...

What is extremely important, the cellulose films we work with are made of wood pulp and classified as renewable sources with the FSC certificate.
In addition, all cellulose films have certificates from Tuv Austria OK COMPOST HOME through Din Certko 13432: 2002 up to ASDTM D 6400, i.e. all certificates confirming compostability and safety.

" The God wanted a man to benefit
from nature as a rational and noble gentleman and watchman,
and not as an absolute explorer "

Pope John Paul II

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